Help your Child to Have Healthy Hearing


Hearing is one of the most vital inherent activities that we all do, even before we are born. Hearing Aid Audiology claims that a child can hear even when he/she is in the womb and can start reacting to familiar voices.  Hearing is the basic act that makes us take many actions post what we hear, like replying to the questions, performing the task that is been asked for, et al. Small children learn a lot by listening. For example language or mother tongue is not taught to them, they just pick it up by continuously hearing it from their parents. But when a child is not able to her or has some hearing disability, it changes everything, though this should not be considered as the end of the world. Learn more from

Various Types of Hearing Loss: Here’s a comprehensive knowhow

The volume or pitch that a person can hear is measured in decibels (dB), where in 0dB is the lowest or softest whisper and 120 dB is the loudest noise (like the one made by jet engines) and the softest sound that a normal person can hear is termed as thresholds. Normally for a child 0 to 15 dB is considered as Normal-Hearing and that of an adult is from 0 to 25 dB.

Like any other ailment, hearing loss can be of different levels, though it would not be right to call hearing disability as an ailment. Nevertheless this impairment can vary from mild to severe. The various levels are:

  • Mild hearing impairment,
  • Moderate hearing impairment,
  • Moderate to Severe impairment,
  • Severe
  • Or Profound hearing loss.

It also varies from pitch to pitch.

In order to test a person’s hearing ability a very simple test is being conducted. In this test, the level of volume or sound loss that a person may experience is compared with other listeners with normal hearing ability.

Other very common issue that many people face is “Tinnitus” or in simple terms a ringing sound that one hears constantly in their ears. Some may hear a hissing sound or a whistling or chirping noise, but in reality there may be no such noise in the background. This is a sign that there might be some abnormality in the ears.

Hearing aids:

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are numerous hearing aids and treatments available that can easily be adopted to treat hearing impairment. One can choose from state-of-the-art treatments and hearing aids.


There is a rapid growth in number of people who are suffering with hearing disability. But it does not cause any life threatening issues. Though it may require making certain changes in the life style and need to learn sign language and lip reading. Hearing disability is not a curse. With the help of science and technology, you can give a beautiful life to your children. There are trial options and the patients can see whether it’s fits their comfort level, improvement in hearing and their compatibility with the fitted device.